Four-strand braid and a lot of twists




Ankle Boots: Betsy, Bag: Mango (Similar), (Code:ZBAPZGZN for 15% off), Dress: May


Hi guys,

It has been the longest time since my last blog. Let me just start by saying how joyful I am to be back! The winter has come to Hanoi and I am not such a huge fan, must admit it 🙂 I love the sunshines, the warm heat, the blue sky, the easy breezy outfits. So when it changed from winter atmosphere to summer-likely environment, I smiled from ear to ear haha.  Tooking advantage of  lovely weather  to snap some pics with my simple checked dress from May and little braid and twists. You may not see the four strand waterfall braid clearly through those pictures, which I am gonna show you in another blog soon for sure because it is my favourite hairstyle at the moment.  Althought it’s a bit tricky at first, practice makes perfect, they say 🙂

Bought my ankle boots and bag for the first time on, I love how quick my bag was delivered and how real they look on screen. Since I have back pain, I am afraid of heels, although they are beautiful and sexy. I may wear heels once in a while but for daily foot-wear, flat boots/shoes are definitely my priority. Searching for winter boots, therefore, felt like forever. I am so happy that I finally could pick this stylish Betsy to keep my foot warm and walk comfotably. I have been asked from older women including stranger where to buy these boots so I guess my time searching for it online worthy 🙂 As they have to deliver  my boots from Singapore, it took about 21 days and I can not exchange them according to Zalora rules. So make sure you know your size by checking the guidance on site before you order. Fortunately, my boots are just little tiny loose which I prefer (I had scary experience with small shoes that hurt and bleed my ankles 😦 ).

My bag, on the other hand, reached my after 2 days (it was so fast that I was amazed) as they have them here in Vietnam. My life has been less messy since I can put all my keys (3 main bunches of keys aaaa),a wallet, some paper ( I don’t know why), lipstick and so on. It is such a lovely design which is now out of stock but there are a few diffrent clutches catching my eyes like this one or this one.

You can enter my code: ZBAPZGZN for 15% off almost every product on Zalora. Have fun reading and shopping.



P/s: Not only has winter come to Hanoi, it’s also January 2016 alreadyyy! How crazy is that? Time seems to fly so fast, I mean, doesn’t it feel like you haven’t done much but a year already passed by?








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